TMA will have a presence at Seatrade Cruise Europe in 2023


At TMA, we are pleased to attend Seatrade Cruise Europe, one of the most important events for the cruise industry.

The conference will take place next week, on September 6th, 7th, and 8th, at the Congress Center Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with cruise companies, service providers, and sustainability experts to share the latest trends and improvements in the European cruise market. We are excited to present our sustainable solutions to the issues that the sector is currently facing, and emphasize the fundamental role of waste management in achieving environmental objectives.

In this way, our MARPOL division’s team will represent TMA as a leading company in the comprehensive management of port waste and industrial waters in the Port of Barcelona, after several years of experience providing our services to cruise ships, cargo vessels, terminals, and industries.

We stand out for being the only comprehensive manager of the 5 types of MARPOL waste in the Port of Barcelona (MARPOL I, II, IV, V, and VI). To ensure optimal service, we have our own means to accomplish our commitment, from collection and transportation through our vehicles (tankers, barges, and trucks) to recycling and the appropriate treatment for each of them, in our authorized plants.

We carry out all processes under our Zero Waste philosophy, a unique and cross-cutting approach that governs all our activities and maximizes the lifecycle of waste. Additionally, we apply Circular Economy policies that allow cruise ships to recycle correctly and optimize their processes and costs.

By attending Seatrade Cruise Europe, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to responsible practices in MARPOL waste management to reduce the carbon footprint of the cruise industry, thus contributing to a cleaner and more responsible future for the oceans and the environment as a whole.






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