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This website may use “cookies”. Cookies allow you, for example, to personalize the site, share content directly from this website through different social networks or not have to accept our privacy policy again each time you load one of our pages. TMA is allowed to know which pages you visit, helps you measure the effectiveness of highlights and searches, and provides you with insights into user behavior on your site. And that information is used to improve TMA’s services and messages.


If you want to disable cookies and you browse with Safari, you can do so from Preferences and, in the Privacy panel, choosing Block Cookies. If you use an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) go to Settings, select Safari and go to the Cookies section.


If you want to disable cookies and you browse with Google Chrome, you can check how to do it in this link. For all other operating systems and browsers, please check with the provider in question how to disable cookies.


Our website uses cookies, so you may not be able to access certain sections of it if you disable them.


On the TMA website and online services, the following types of cookies apply:


These cookies are essential for you to navigate the pages of the site and use its features


These cookies collect information about how you use our site, for example the pages you visit the most. This data allows us to optimize the site and facilitate your navigation. These cookies also allow other companies, services and brands with which we collaborate (third parties) to know if you have come to our website through them. These cookies do not contain information that would allow you to be identified. All data collected in these cookies is collected anonymously


These cookies allow our sites to remember the options you select when you browse. For example, we may store your geographic location in a cookie to ensure that the pages or sections displayed are those that are directed to your area. They can also retain preferences such as text size, fonts, and other customizable elements.Another possible use is to record featured services or videos that have already appeared and avoid replays. The data collected in these cookies does not identify you personally and does not allow us to track your activity when you browse outside the TMA website. 

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